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Serving A Greater Purpose

RSLNT Fight Wear is a premium active lifestyle apparel company specializing in the production of traditional muay thai training equipment. Their mission is to produce authentic and inspiring training gear while highlighting positivity in the martial arts community.

Building A Brand

After we conducted our research, we focused on monograms and emblems. Some of the lasting brands of the world are identified with simple marks which stand the test of time. We wanted to design a mark which felt traditional but also felt emotional, sleek and modern. RSLNT wanted it to appeal to a younger audience, introducing Muay Thai to a whole new demographic here in the US. We studied traditional Thai symbols and brands trying to understand the details in the decisions for traditional apparel and patterns. We opted to go with a geometric shape, which was symmetrical and felt like it could run on forever, even after it stopped. In developing the emblem, we created movement and energy in an upright R, while also paying homage to some of the most respected warriors of legend, The Spartans. The Spartan helmet is iconic, but most of all, striking and powerful. Each person who steps in a gym or ring, carries the mark of the Spartan. The appeal bridges the gap between popular western mythology and traditional history of the sport invented in Thailand.

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