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Little Brewing Co. is a family-owned brewing company based in Miami. John, founder and owner of Little Brewing Co. has a passion for brewing craft beverages that are rooted in his grandparents’ legacy as farmers and brewers in Venezuela. He strives to create quality beer with bold, inspired flavors that honor the hard work and dedication of his grandparents. Their mission was to create something of lasting value and leave the world in better condition for future generations, a goal that John embraces everyday.
Formely know as Edukos Restaurant, they approached us seeking a new identity. John, is deeply committed to his craft and passionate about creating quality craft beer. He shared with us the story of his family’s history in brewing and how he wanted to take the company, which was previously a small home brew operation, to the next level as a well-known domestic brand. Our objective was to create a cohesive brand identity and messaging strategy that reflected Little Brewing Co.’s passion and the company’s history.


Product Design




February 2021

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