Project Description

When The Planets Align

Branding & Identity

Based in New York City, BrinezWorld is a music based media company which develops multimedia content with an emphasis on custom production, artist branding, and visual storytelling for musicians, filmmakers, and other creatives.

The client needed a refresh of an older logo. The goal was to produce something bold but minimal which would literally stand out in a crowd. The company was formerly solely an independent record label but as time progressed, they spent more time helping artists rather than be the artist themselves.

Breaking down the meaning, Brinez was a lifelong musician and began recording from a home studio. Recruiting his friends, he’d hold sessions at his house, then either burn a cd of music to sell or upload the music to the internet for people to stream. This was their safe space to create, their world. The logo had to represent everything that was important to it’s foundation.

The original logo was a pair of headphones, with a sound wave in the form of an equalizer which represented New York City.

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  • Content Marketing

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