Project Description

RSLNT Fight Wear

Lifestyle and Fitness Clothing Brand

The Challenge

Develop brand and strategy for a premium apparel business catered to enthusiasts of fit lifestyles and combat sports, specifically Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.

The Solution

A new logo, brand film, website and marketing materials that supported Ole’s as the premiere Canadian fly-in fishing lodge that caters to adventure seekers looking to recharge and reconnect.

We designed a new logo, provided usage guidelines and developed a brand strategy which will continually position the business properly in the industry. We also assisted in developing a new line of products,  created a new social media presence and developed a website. The full launch is expected by the end of Q4 2019.

Scope of Project

Branding and Identity Design
Web Design and Development
Video Production
E-blast Template
Marketing Brochure

How It Started

What started out at first as an unforgettable fishing trip for Blind Executive Creative Director, Chris Do, quickly turned into a commission to produce a brand film for the fly-in fishing lodge located off the Central West Coast of British Columbia. General Manager, Ernie Daly, was ready to take on a new approach and enlisted Blind to help tell the Ole’s story.

Chris travelled to the lodge with an assortment of Canon cameras and lenses, and filmed on location for 4 days. Shooting on the water presented a number of challenges– namely, camera stabilization and motion sickness. Happily, both were overcome in the process of shooting and post-stabilization.

Brand Discovery

Defining the brand creates an objective roadmap; a decisional filter for all the company’s future decisions. By checking against this statement, we can quickly see whether any decisions will help or hurt, focus or muddy, purify or modify the brand.

An in-depth strategy session was conducted remotely using a combination of screen sharing technologies and video. What emerged was a clear brand story and voice for Ole’s.

Website Development

Based on the user profiles and user journeys, we created a sitemap from sticky notes. The site content was then organized and prioritized around key behaviors.